Presenters and session leaders will include K-12 and higher education professionals who work at the nexus of learning and technology.

Presenter / FacilitatorBrief Bio

Royce Kimmons

Doceo Center

Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies
University of Idaho


Dr. Royce Kimmons is the Director of the Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning and an Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies at the University of Idaho. He received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin, his MAT from Southern Oregon University, and his BA from Brigham Young University. He has worked with teachers in Oregon, Texas, and Idaho for nearly a decade on improving teaching and learning through effective technology integration and has presented his work internationally via conferences and journals.

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Cassidy Hall

Technology Integration Specialist
Doceo Center

Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies
University of Idaho


Cassidy Hall is the Technology Integration Specialist for the Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning and an Assistant Professor in the University of Idaho’s College of Education. Cassidy dedicated fifteen years to working in public education in Pennsylvania. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism from West Virginia University and a Masters of Education in School Library and Information Technologies from Mansfield University. Cassidy has extensive experience of one-on-one collaboration with teachers in integrating technology in K-12 classrooms and offering ongoing professional development to support technology integration.

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Ron Hall

GIS Certification Program Online Instructor
Eastern Washington University


Ron Hall is nicknamed the “Google Geek” by his 18-year-old daughter. He is a member of Google Earth's Outreach Trainers forum, a Google certified “Featured Content Provider” for Google Earth, and was designated a “Super Modeler” by Google for his 3D visualization work with SketchUp software. Ron is certified with Google Apps for Education/Non Profits, and helps a wide variety of non-profits and educators develop, organize, maintain, and track their interactive web mapping content. In his “spare” time, he is an online instructor in Eastern Washington University's GIS certificate program and does freelance interactive kml development/3D GIS visualization with his company – Evans-Hall, Inc. A believer in self improvement/continuing education, he has degrees from Princeton, Wharton, Cornell, Penn State, and Eastern Washington, and often tells people “that when you don’t learn anything you have to keep going back to school.”

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Megan Ferguson

English Teacher
Timberlake High School


Megan Ferguson currently teaches sophomore and junior English at Timberlake High School in Spirit Lake, ID and has worked for the Lakeland Joint School District for the last eight years. She has taught at both the junior high and high school level, subjects including ELA, honors ELA, creative writing, and journalism. Megan's education includes a Bachelors in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English and a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, both from the University of Idaho. She has participated in the Northwest Inland Writing Project for the last three years and was an Idaho Leads team member in 2013-2014. Megan has made it her goal to integrate technology into her daily lessons, utilizing its full advantages to teach her students, engage them, and make them college and career ready.

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Charlie Wilson

Social Science Teacher
Potlatch High School


Charlie Wilson has been in public education for the past sixteen years. He has taught at the Jr. High and High School level and has taught both general education and A.P. courses. He currently teaches U.S. History, American Government, Economics, and an elective History class entitled, ‘The American West’ at Potlatch High School, in Potlatch, Idaho.

Charlie holds a B.A. degree from Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA, and earned his M.S. in Educational Media Design from Full Sail University. While he has been actively engaged in implementing technology in the Social Studies classroom for several years now, he has recently come to see the value in integrating the writing process as well, and is excited to share what he’s learned. He used to subscribe to the school of thought that believed ‘writing was to be taught in the English classroom’, but his beliefs are changing as he walks down the path of integrating writing into the Social Studies Curriculum.

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Katie Graupmann

English Teacher
Timberlake High School


Katie Graupman was named Idaho's 2013-2014 Milken Educator of the Year and has worked for the last 14 years as a teacher in the Lakeland School District teaching ELA in grades 7-11, newspaper, yearbook, and dual credit English through North Idaho College. A new aspect of her job involves providing professional development and instructional support for teachers in her district. She holds a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and is a teacher consultant for the Northwest Inland Writing Project. She has presented for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association at Columbia University, the NIWP spring conference, and the Idaho Instructional Innovation Conference, She was one of 50 teachers chosen for the Idaho 21st Century Master Teacher Program by the Idaho State Department of Education and is in the second year of the Idaho Core Teacher Program. Katie loves using technology to engage students and promote critical thinking and collaboration in the classroom.

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Tim Gregory

Visual Arts / Theater Teacher
Moscow Charter School


As a member of the “Original” video game generation, Tim has always been interested in the connection between art and technology. Some of his personal highlights include: 

  • 1990-91 paintings hung in US capitol bldg as well as Speaker of the House’s office (Thomas Foley)
  • 1996-97 published music and arts ‘zine in Spokane WA, “The Wyre”
  • 1997 first digital art exhibit. Produced a series of digitally affected drawings for group show at Jello Tree recording studios (Spokane, WA)
  • 2005 received B.F.A. in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting, and B.S. in Art Education (certified K-12) from University of Idaho
  • 2005-14 taught at Lena Whitmore Art Day
  • 2012-15 taught art at Moscow Charter School
  • 2013-14 taught art seminars at Rendezvous for Kids in Moscow
  • 2014-15 taught theater at Moscow Charter school (wrote and produced two original plays)

In addition to Art and Art Education, Tim is also involved in music. Producing CDs, posters, and promotional product designs for the bands “The BB Gun Incident”, “Other Sources”, and “Genius In Remission”, as well as playing drums, guitar, and singing in several of the aforementioned bands.

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Jewel Shea

6th Grade Teacher
Potlatch Elementary School


Jewel Shea is a 6th grade teacher at Potlatch Elementary School where she has been teaching for 3 years. After graduating with her B.A. in International Affairs she taught in the Japanese school system where she gained her passion for teaching and technology integration within the classroom. Upon returning to the States she received her Masters in Teaching from Eastern Washington University.

While utilizing the Common Core State Standards, Jewel regularly implements media and technology in her classroom community. She believes technology and children are always changing and growing to meet and shape the demands of society. Reaching students through technology enables them with a skill set they will use in their future careers.

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Paul Collins

Science / Social Studies Teacher
Moscow Charter School


Paul Collins graduated from the University of Idaho with a BS in Elementary Education and a minor in Horticulture. He taught Kindergarten at a child care center in Pullman, Washington and now teaches middle school Science and Social Studies (along with Drafting and PE/Health) at Moscow Charter School. He is also the staff adviser for the MCS Plant Club for K-8 students.

Paul was born in Yokosuka, Japan to a military family, but moved to the States when he was 10 months old. He lived in Washington D.C.; Denver, Colorado; and Lewiston and McCall, Idaho. He resides in Moscow and considers the Palouse to be his home. He considers himself to be very fortunate to have been able to travel as he grew up and he uses his life experiences in the classroom (he’s been inside the Statue of Liberty and the Hoover Dam; stood inside a cliff dwelling at Mesa Verde, and hiked on the sides of the Grand Canyon. He played in the waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific, and has even been to North Pole, Alaska).

Before becoming an educator, Paul worked at a greenhouse affiliated with a private Christian school as the retail manager and then interim manager. Paul brings his love of nature and plants into the classroom on a regular basis (his 7th grade students grow indoor herb gardens to study plants). He believes the world lies at the feet of every student and it only takes caring and supportive adults to help them conquer it. 

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Darliss Bardwell

7th-12th Grade Special Education Teacher/Transition Coordinator
Genesee School District


Darliss is in her sixth year of teaching 7th-12th grades at Genesee School.  She has a passion to help learners be successful while in school and after they graduate. Darliss is a wife, grandma, and tech lover. She has a B.S. from Lewis-Clark State College in Elementary Education with minors in Special Education and Reading. She was one of 24 teachers nationwide to receive the KU iTran scholarship and received her M.S. in Education from University of Kansas on December 15, 2015 specializing in Secondary Transition.

Darliss is a lifelong learner and has also been a technology “geek” for many years—even before she traveled to San Francisco’s Computer Exposition in 1987 in order to select and implement IBM PC computers with 3.5” floppy disk drive and CAD Drawing system for Amundson Lund & Partners Architects (MS-DOS language and WordPerfect were popular then).

In addition to teaching, Darliss rides a recumbent tadpole trike, takes water aerobics classes, travels/camps with her husband, and spoils her seven grandkids.

John Haire

Potlatch Elementary School


John Haire currently serves as the Principal of Potlatch Elementary School in Potlatch, Idaho. He began his teaching journey, excitedly, with two Apple II E’s in his combination classroom in 1989. He moved to the self contained elementary classroom environment with constantly sought out technology upgrades such as internet access and portable white board technologies. At present, he is finishing his fifth year as an Elementary Principal and feels fortunate to be surrounded by all the great people in Potlatch.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Education; Elementary Education and Master of Education; Educational Leadership, from the University of Idaho. He embraces change and although not a digital native, he enthusiastically affirms the importance of shared thought and connectivity of all peoples that technology allows. He believes in the necessity of technology as a tool for learners, practitioners, and managers to better serve themselves and to better serve those with whom they work.

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