Event sessions will not be your typical lecture or demonstration. All sessions will be hands-on and will require interaction between facilitators and participants. If participants are unable to bring a laptop for use, they are encouraged to contact the Doceo Center beforehand to ensure that a loaner is made available to them.

8:30am Check-in Doceo Center Legacy Pointe
9:00am Welcome Doceo Center Legacy Pointe
9:20am Concurrent Session Block #1 

Google Classroom: Teaching through Technology

In Teaching through Technology we will explore all the ways Google can streamline your classroom.  As the "one stop shop," Google Classroom is a great way to keep you and your students organized, informed and engaged. Join us as we navigate both the teacher and student perspectives, exploring all the benefits Classroom has to offer.  It is truly the next step in 21st century learning! Survey

Megan Ferguson Legacy Pointe

History and Literature Tours with Earth

Google Earth has been used for over a decade to help people visualize the geographic nature of facts, information, and stories.  Learn more about using Google Earth to expedite teaching literature and history. Get an overview of Google Earth and work with material that is being used in classrooms. Resources | Survey

Ron Hall 150

Google Doodles and a Google a Day in the Classroom

Doodles and a Google a Day show a fun side of Google that can easily be used to engage students.  We'll explore where Google Doodles and A Google a Day originated, have fun utilizing the tools, and generate ideas on how these unique Google tools might play a role in your classroom. Resources | Survey

Cassidy Hall 236

Ten Characteristics of Highly Performing Schools

Participants will learn how administration and staff can utilize digital media to streamline the tasks of leadership and student performance in the 21st Century. Survey

John Haire / Jewel Shea 162
10:35am Break    
10:45am Concurrent Session Block #2

Our Open World of Open Educational Resources

This session will explore the process of finding, adapting, and sharing open educational resources. Learn what concepts like openness, creative commons, copyright, and fair use actually mean and how to apply this to your planning and teaching. Resources | Presentation | Survey

Royce Kimmons Legacy Pointe

Google Docs: Collaborative Writing in the Classroom

Do you wish you could effectively teach your students to write - even though you're not an English teacher? Google docs allows you to write collaboratively within the classroom and is a great tool to use to integrate writing across the curriculum.  In this session, attendees will create docs, share folders, collaborate in the writing process, and pick up several tools designed to encourage students to write and to develop them as writers. Developing writing outside of the English classroom is possible with Google Docs, and in this session you will learn how to start the process. Survey

Charlie Wilson 150

Online Assessment & Surveys with Forms

Google Forms provide an awesome and simplistic way to gather information and assess students.  We'll learn how this powerful tool works in connection with Google Sheets to provide you with real-time feedback.  You'll also learn how to use add-ons for automatic grading of Forms and provide students with instant results. Resources | Survey

Cassidy Hall 236

Collaborative Learning and Critical Thinking with Sites

Do you want a tool to get kids blogging?  Do you want a space for kids to record, share, and sort data online?  Do you want to expand kids' audiences beyond the teacher? Google Sites provides the flexibility to get kids working collaboratively, publishing their work, sharing resources, and thinking critically.  This session will give you the skills to harness the power of sites as a transformational tool for students and teachers. Resources | Survey

Katie Graupmann 162
12:00pm Lunch: Provided by Whole Foods   150, 156, 162
1:00pm Concurrent Session Block #3

Becoming a Search Ninja

Ever had trouble finding what you're looking for? Want to find meaningful results even faster? Did you know that a search engine can be used for more than just searching? This session will give participants the know-how to capitalize on Google's advanced search features and search logic and will also give you the understandings you need to help your students become more information and media literate. Resources | Survey

Royce Kimmons Legacy Pointe

Collaborative Art with Draw

This session will help guide teachers in getting started with Draw and help them to explore the possibilities of a collaborative art platform. We'll also discuss applications for Google Draw across the curriculum.  Survey

Tim Gregory 150

Add-ons & Extensions

Add-ons and Extensions make Google Tools even more powerful.  We'll explore dozens of these tools together, and you'll have time to explore on your own for specific tools to support your content.  Add-ons in Google Docs are tools built by third-party developers using Google Apps Script that bring more functionality to Docs, Forms, and Sheets.  Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. 

Resources |Survey

Cassidy Hall 236

Collaborative Research and Presentation with Slides

This session is to provide teachers with student work samples showcasing how students can successfully use google slides to create multi-media presentations. Connections to Key Shifts and the Idaho Core Standards will also be explored. Participants will experience hands-on activities to collaboratively work in a google slides presentation. A basic understanding of google slides/powerpoint is assumed. Resources | Survey

Paul Collins 162
2:15pm Break    
2:25pm Concurrent Session Block #4

Empowering Teacher Collaboration with Drive

Did you know that Drive can be a powerful platform for connecting your Professional Learning Community and sharing resources? This session will help participants learn to use Drive for sharing, storing, backing up, and retrieving data in the cloud between teachers, students, parents, and anyone in between. Resources | Survey

Royce Kimmons Legacy Pointe

Geography across the Curriculum with Geo Tools

Google has over a dozen different geo products. Get an overview of them and how they might be integrated into the classroom. Resources | Survey

Ron Hall 150

Chromebooks, Google Security & Hidden Tools to Guide Searching 

Wondering why Chromebooks are the best selling devices in K-12 schools?  We'll look at the facts on why schools are choosing Chromebooks. This session will also review the Student Privacy Pledge, security with Google Apps, and take a look at the admin console.  We'll play with some hidden tools that teachers can use to add a level of security to student research.   Resources | Survey

Cassidy Hall 236

Improving Accessibility with Add-Ons & Extensions

Are you curious about some of the extensions and apps that students (and teachers) may find useful?  Let me help you set up and explore these tools with session focus based on audience interest. Resources | Survey

Darliss Bardwell 162
3:40pm Wrap-up: PD Credits and Feedback Doceo Center Legacy Pointe
4:00pm Adjourn    

All sessions will focus on a specific pedagogical or managerial practice and will use Google Tools to improve that practice.

Google Account Information

In order to fully participate in the event, you will need a school or personal Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you may create a free account:

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Optional: Once you have a Google account, you are also encouraged to join the Google+ iGAFE community:

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Need to Borrow a Laptop or Chromebook?

We want to be sure that everyone can fully participate in the event, whether or not they have a modern laptop. So, if you are in need of a laptop or Chromebook, let us know at the time of your online registration, and we will plan to have one available for you to use at the event.