This course addresses conceptual issues related to open education, including social participation and copyright and provides students with opportunities to apply their knowledge to practice.

Course Details

Course Instructor

Royce Kimmons, PhD

 @roycekimmons  royce@uidaho.edu

Course Hashtag #k12oer
Course Community Google+
Department Curriculum & Instruction
Course Dates 10/06/14 - 11/15/14 (6 weeks) *
Credit Hours 1
Crediting Institution University of Idaho
Grading Format Pass/Fail
Cost Free (without credit); $60 with credit for Idaho teachers, all others should contact university student account services for tuition rates
Suggested Citation Kimmons, R. (2014). Introduction to open education in K-12. University of Idaho Doceo Center Open Courses. Retrieved from http://courses.doceocenter.org/intro_to_open_education_in_k-12. Licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0.

* Note: These are the suggested dates for course activity completion, but actual course completion may occur at the student's own pace with the final day to submit assignments as 12/10/14.

The official course syllabus may be downloaded here:

Course Syllabus


This is an open course, which means that anyone may participate in assignments and discussions, and all successful completers of the course will earn a completion badge.

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Participants in the course additionally have the option to enroll for continuing education credit at the University of Idaho, and successful completers of the course will receive 1-credit hour of graduate coursework for their successful completion of course assignments.

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Note: If desired, the student may elect to enroll as an undergraduate student, rather than as a graduate student, and receive undergraduate credit. This would require the completion of an alternate form.

PrerequisitesStudents working collaboratively

In order to complete and submit course assignments, you will need a school or personal Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you may create a free account:

Create a free Google Account

Once you have a Google account, you should join the Google+ Open Educators of Idaho community. This is optional, but it will improve your learning experience and ongoing collaborations with other participants.

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How to Use this Course

This course may be used in a number of ways to support personal learning, collaborative learning, and institutional professional development. Since this is an open course, as explained in the Course Introduction, and all materials are licensed under a Creative Commons license, anyone may participate in the course at any time, and schools and districts may use this course to supplement their training and professional development activities. Some example scenarios of how this course may be used follow.

Individual Learner

An individual teacher can sign up for the course (either for credit or without university credit), complete assignments on his or her own, and improve knowledge and skills related to open education.

Teacher Group

A group of teachers at a school might decide to take the course together, share assignments, and use collaboration time to apply knowledge from the course in creating and utilizing open educational resources.

School or District Training

A school or district may also use the course website as a supplement for local training efforts, either requiring teachers to complete the course individually, as groups, or as part of a larger open education effort (with or without university credit).

Passing the Course

To successfully pass the course, all participants are expected to 1) complete all course assignments and 2) participate in all live events (or recorded sessions) by the final day of submissions.

Guest Sessions

This course will include exciting sessions with invited guest speakers to help answer emerging questions about course content. Guests are selected for their insight that they can bring to our understanding of open education and implementing it in K-12 institutions. For more information on slated guest speakers, visit the Course Calendar.

Social Media

This course utilizes two main social media tools, which you may use to communicate with the instructor or with your peers: Twitter and Google+. Both of these are free and open services, so you may view them without an account, or you may create a free account and begin communicating through them.


The official Twitter hashtag for this course is #k12oer, and you may also follow or communicate with the course instructor on Twitter.


The official course Google+ community provides a place for you to connect with other likeminded educators and to share resources.


Backchannels are used to allow students or those participating in a lecture to discuss key points and ask questions without interrupting the speaker. Use this backchannel or the pop-out "Live Chat" link on the left of your screen to discuss course assignments and activities.


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