Getting Started with Google Drive

This module walks you through some of the basics of Google Drive, which allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, etc. Though Google Drive applications may be somewhat limited in formatting options when compared to Microsoft Office and other solutions, their great strength comes in the ability they give users to share and to collaboratively create documents.

Uploading Files

With Google Drive open, click on the red upload arrow button at the top left of the screen. Depending on your browser, you can upload files individually or entire folders to the web.

Sharing Files or Folders

Each participant has been set up with a folder for his/her PLC. All members of your PLC are shared with this folder. Anytime you create a document, it should be in this folder, as it will share that document will all members of your PLC.

You may be asked to share a folder with other members of your group. In order to do this, find the folder name you wish to share in your Google Drive. Right click on the folder name, click "Share..." and then "Share..." This will bring up a box. At the bottom of the box, you will see "Invite people." Type in the email addresses of those you wish to share the folder with, then click the blue "Done" button. 

Making a File or Folder Publicly Available

You can make a file or folder publicly available by following the sharing instructions above but instead of inviting individual people to view the item, click the "Change..." link next to private. You should then have the option to make the resource public on the web or available to anyone with the link. Once you have done this, copy the provided url, and others will be able to access your resource at that location.

Downloading as a Document

In order to open a document in a program other than Google Drive, for example, Microsoft Word, you'll need to download the document to your computer as a compatible format. In order do to this, click on "File" then "Download as." This will list an array of file options. If you'd like to open the document in Microsoft Word, download it as a "Microsoft Word (.docx)" document. 

Google Drive Download As

Using Headers & Page Breaks/Hard Returns

It will be essential to use proper formatting when creating these eBooks. Two of the major tools to know are "Styles," which allows you to distinguish portions of text as certain styles, and page breaks, which are hard returns that, when used, automatically start a new page. Page breaks can be inserted by holding down "Command + Enter" on a Mac or "Control + Enter" on a Windows computer. Alternatively, you can click on "Insert" on the tool bar and then "Page Break" towards the bottom of the list.

Google Drive Insert Page Break