Module 9. Writing your E-Book

This module will guide you in writing a simple e-book for children and will use a provided template in Google Docs.


Watch this video tutorial that walks you through writing a simple e-book for children in our provided template.


The simplest way to create a useable e-book is to start from a template. Open the Simple Children's Book template, and select "File > Make a copy". Give your book a name, and click "OK". This will make a copy of the e-book template that you can now edit and access in your drive.

Note: All provided templates require the author to release books created in the template under a CC-BY 3.0 license.


Write your book in the template, and fill in any necessary information. Be sure to include images, links, and other media that can be useful to your reader. If you use works from others, be sure that you can legally do so, and provide attribution as necessary.


Since you will want your e-book to be properly viewed on a variety of devices, the way that you format the contents of your e-book is important. In general, you should avoid using a variety of fonts, font colors, and varying sizes and should use embedded Styles and Page Breaks to layout your book properly.


Provided templates have embeded styles that should be used to format text. Apply styles to blocks of text (e.g., chapter titles) as appropriate to give your e-book the look and feel it needs. You should use the following styles for the specified book components.

E-Book Template Styles and Specified Components
Book Title Title
Author Byline Subtitle
Chapter Heading Heading 1
Chapter Subheadings Heading 2

Using provided styles helps your e-book to be navigable on an e-book reader, because headings will be marked as chapter beginnings. If you copy/paste text from another location, you may need to reformat the text using styles.

Page Breaks

If you need to force text to start on a new page, rather than using multiple returns, use a page break by going to "Insert > Page Break".

Add Cover

If you have created a custom e-book cover, insert and resize the image file at the beginning of the e-book on a single page by going to Insert > Image and uploading your file.


In order to convert your e-book into a suitable e-book format, you must first download it as a manageable file (e.g., .docx). To download your e-book as a .docx file, click "File > Download as > Microsoft Word (.docx)". Be aware of where this stores your file, because you will need to retrieve the file later. On most machines, the file will go to a Downloads folder.