Module 1. Introduction to E-Books

This module provides a brief introduction to e-books.


Watch this video describing e-books.  As you do so, consider the following:

  • What is the difference between an e-book and an e-book reader?
  • What are the major strengths of e-books in comparison to paper-based books?
  • What are the major problems of e-books in comparison to paper-based books?
  • Should e-books completely replace paper-based books or is there room for co-existence?
"E-books are small-sized files, which allows any device to store hundreds of them as novels, magazines, school texts, comics, and more." - explainerstvamerica

Peruse Examples

E-books may come in a variety of forms and file formats and may have varying levels of interactivity.  A few examples of e-books follow:

Anne of Green GablesExample textbookExample e-book