Module 13. Publishing and Sharing your E-Book

Just-in-time publishing gives you the ability to publish a print-copy of your e-book for offline reading, and you can share it with other educators via the Google+ Community.


Upload your e-book to an online repository or print-on-demand service.


Once you have uploaded your e-book, share it to the Google+ Community. When you do so, be sure to place your post in the "E-Books" folder, and in the body of your post, describe your e-book, identify its copyleft license, include the #ebook hashtag, and provide appropriate hashtags for your e-book's content and audience (e.g., #kindergarten, #birds)

Share with the Google+ Community


Use an online print-on-demand service to print classroom copies of your e-book.  Some example print-on-demand publishers include: