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This library provides links to some open educational resources created by educators in the state of Idaho.  Unless otherwise stated, all texts are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 3.0).

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All texts in this library are licensed under a Creative Commons license.  Please check individual texts for variations on the license.

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Print-Ready Textbooks in a Variety of Subject Areas Various

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Google Drive 

U.S. History Lyn M. Story, Deborah A. Tierney, Roman Vasquez Google Drive
Biology Thomas Leachman, Karlin, Cyrinia Lockart, Kristin Delp iPad PDF Web
Chemistry Amy Chase, Rachel Evans iPad PDF Web
Earth and Space Science Roberta Matousek, Connie Boyer, Eric Holscher, Charles Smith, Stephanie Lower iPad PDF Web
Life Science Soona Schmidt, Sue Kirking, Kelly Norwood, David Kronemann iPad PDF Web
Life Science Glossary   iPad PDF Web
Physical Science Mike Renzelman, Abagale Pottenger, Mandolyn W. Garcia-Ruiz, Collin Roholt iPad PDF Web

* Note: Web formats may not currently be available.

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