Module 4. Needs Analysis and Goals

Before beginning work with your professional learning community, you should discuss what you recognize the needs to be in your joint context and what your goals as a group should be for addressing these needs.


As a group, use Google Docs to create a list of learning needs that are pressing for your common context (e.g., if you are in a secondary mathematics PLC, focus on needs in this area).


After identifying needs, determine which of these needs are most pressing and that you should focus upon addressing as a PLC.

Establish Goals

Given the focus of this learning experience, time constraints, and other factors, determine what your goals will be for addressing this need.  What will be your outcome?

Example outcomes might include the following:

  • Unit plan;
  • Textbook or chapters of a textbook;
  • Anthology;
  • Library.


In one sentence, record your goal to guide your future work.  The sentence should begin with "As a PLC, we will create/develop..."