Module 9. Search Techniques

Google Advanced Operators

Advanced operators allow you to fine-tune a web search to ignore unnecessary or unrelated results.  Here are some key operators that can be helpful for honing your search.

Exact Phrase

If you are looking for an exact phrase (e.g., "Common Core"), include quotes around the search term to ignore results that only have part of the search phrase (common or core).

Example: "Common Core"


Sometimes search words might appropriately be replaced with synonyms (e.g., "new" and "emerging").  To allow synonym results, use a tilde (~) before the word that may have synonyms.

Example: ~new technologies


Sometimes you will want to exclude results that use a specific keyword.  To ignore results that include a keyword, use a dash (-) before the word to ignore.

Example: chromebook -samsung will return results about non-Samsung chromebooks only

File Type

Sometimes you will only want results of a particular file type (e.g., PowerPoint documents, Word documents, image formats).  To only return results of a particular file type, include filetype:ext in your search string and replace ext with the extension of your file type (e.g., ppt, pdf, doc).

Example: world war ii filetype:ppt will only return PowerPoint documents that refer to World War II