Tech Explorations

Tech Explorations are self-directed opportunities to try out new technologies.

While participating in Doceo Center institutes, you will occassionally be given opportunities to participate in Tech Explorations.  These are intended to give you the opportunity to try out new technologies and discuss their value and application with other educators.


Options for these Tech Explorations include the following, and you may freely move between any explorations as you see fit.

Mobile Devices

A number of devices located at the back of the room may be tested, including laptops, tablets, and digital cameras.

You may also connect these devices to interactive displays that are not being used, via a collaboration station.

Samsung Chromebook 2

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays located at collaboration stations may be utilized in conjunction with collaboration station computers or other connected devices.


Wearable Technologies

A number of wearable technologies are available for testing, including Google Glass, Pivotheads, and arm and hand straps for tablets and other devices.

Google Glass

Movement-Based Video Capture

A Swivl and iPad Mini are available that allows you to be recorded as you move about a room.

Swivl and iPad Mini

Educational Gaming

A mobile cart complete with Xbox One, Kinect, Alienware PC, and large monitor is available to try out educational games.

Xbox One

Interactive Table

An interactive table is available with 40-touch points.

Interactive table

Telepresence Robot

A telepresence robot utilizing an iPad for remote video conferencing will be available to try.

Phantom 2 drone


In your professional learning community, report back on what technologies you explored.  Answer the following questions:

  • What technologies did you try?
  • How might you use the technology in your grade level and subject area, and what might be potential benefits?
  • What might be the limitations or difficulties?