It's time we learned about open education.

This crash course guides K-12 teachers in the creation of open educational resources that may be freely used by educators anywhere. This website provides content for this course, but the actual course should be taught in a hybrid face-to-face or online setting with a skilled facilitator. As a concrete take-away, participants will work with other educators to create standards-based, adaptive, open textbooks that may be used in their schools and anywhere!

Intended Use

This set of online course content should be used in conjunction with a face-to-face, hybrid, or synchronous online course. As an example, this content is used as part of the University of Idaho Open Textbook Institutes, but it could also be used for school- or district-based professional development or within a teacher education course.

Research Basis

This course has been taught in conjunction with a research study to ascertain its effectiveness and keys for helping teachers develop essential open education literacies. Results of the research may be found in the following articles:

Kimmons, R. (2014). Developing open education literacies with practicing K-12 teachersThe International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning15(6).
Kimmons, R. (accepted). Expansive openness in teacher practice. Teachers College Record.

Course Organization

To meaningfully participate in the crash course, participants should be organized into professional learning communities (PLCs) of 5-6 people according to grade level and subject area. The more homogenous the group (e.g., 10th grade Biology teachers vs. general science), the easier it will be to create a valuable product. More information about successful implementation of the content in a course setting may be found in the provided research articles above.

University of Idaho Institutes

The following information is only pertinent to students who will complete the course in conjunction with the University of Idaho Open Textbook Institutes.

Course Details

Course Instructor Royce Kimmons, PhD
Department Curriculum & Instruction
Credit Hours 2
Cost Cost waived for participants
Grading Format Pass/Fail
Course Semester Summer 2015
Suggested Attribution Kimmons, R. (2015). Open textbook crash course. University of Idaho Doceo Center Open Courses. Retrieved from http://courses.doceocenter.org/open_textbook_crash_course. Licensed under CC BY 3.0.
Final Day to Submit Assignments August 1, 2014


The official course syllabus may be downloaded here:

Course Syllabus


Only Summer Institute attendees may enroll in courses for credit.

Participants of each summer institute will be automatically enrolled in the course.


Students working collaboratively

In order to complete and submit course assignments, you will need a school or personal Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you may create a free account:

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Once you have a Google account, you should join the Google+ Open Educators of Idaho community. This is optional, but it will improve your learning experience and ongoing collaborations with other participants.

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