Venue Information

All summer institutes will be held at the University of Idaho Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning's laboratory on the University of Idaho Moscow campus.


The Doceo Center lab is comprised of five collaboration stations, each able to comforably sit up to six people.  This module introduces you to the functionalities of these stations.


Each collaboration station has a computer built into the desk, which may be controlled using the wireless mouse and keyboard.  To login to the computer, use your University of Idaho account information or ask a staff member for a guest login.

Each computer has internet access and a number of programs, including Microsoft Office.

Interactive Displays

Each collaboration station also has a large interactive display.  Depending on the station, this display may be a SMART or Sharp brand, but all displays are interactive and may be used as touchscreens.

Device Switching

Those using the collaboration stations may also attach other devices to the station via a standard HDMI cable, including laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, document cameras, digital cameras, and any other device with a standard video output.  To switch between displays, use the dedicated iPad at the collaboration station to select the source.

Control panel

If you would like to use the touch capabilities of the interactive display on another device (e.g., your own laptop), you will need to additionally connect your device to the collaboration station via USB and install necessary drivers.

Devices for Check-Out

A number of devices may be checked out from the back of the room, including tablets, laptops, and digital cameras.  These devices should typically stay in the room and may be connected to a collaboration station.

When returning devices, please be sure to logout of any open accounts and to clean the device with a wipe.

Devices may be checked out from the back of the lab

Adapters and Cables

Each collaboration station also has a "bag of goodies" hanging below the table, which includes HDMI cables, adapters, screen cleaners, and other necessities for using the station.

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Lower-Tech Collaborative Tools


A variety of lower-tech collaborative tools are also available for your use, including mobile whiteboards, markers, note paper, document cameras, etc.


The Doceo Center lab is located in the basement of the Student Union Building on the University of Idaho Moscow campus. Once you enter the Student Union Building, go down the stairs and follow the signs to the Doceo Center.

Parking Map

During the summer, all PURPLE lots at the University of Idaho are available for parking.  Gold lots should be avoided without a permit.

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Restaurant Map

Breakfast will be provided for participants at the hotel, and lunch will be provided during the institute. Participants will be responsible for their own evening meals, however.  Moscow has many restaurant options within walking distance of the hotel or the university.

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