This course provides an overview of theoretical issues surrounding online learning, including considerations of new technologies, socio-cultural diversity, learning theories, pedagogical approaches, and emerging trends.

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Course Details

Course Instructor

Royce Kimmons, PhD

 @roycekimmons  royce@uidaho.edu  royce.kimmons.me

Course Hashtag #k12onlinelearning
Course Community Google+
Department Curriculum & Instruction
Course Dates Spring 2015
Credit Hours 3
Crediting Institution University of Idaho
Grading Format Letter Grade
Suggested Citation Kimmons, R. (2014). Introduction to online learning. University of Idaho Doceo Center Open Courses. Retrieved from http://courses.doceocenter.org/theoretical_foundations_online_learning. Licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0.

The official course syllabus may be downloaded here:

Course Syllabus

Open Course Content

This course espouses open educational practices, and course content is provided to the public to facilitate sharing. All content for this course is open and provided under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC 3.0).

Assignment grading and course discussions, however, are restricted to registered University of Idaho course participants.


This serves as the introductory course for the Curriculum & Instruction Department’s Online Teaching Endorsement. College of Education students should have taken EDCI 410: Technology, Teaching and Learning prior to taking this course.

Students outside the College of Education may take this course but may require instructor approval.

Computing Requirements

This course requires the use of an internet-connected Windows-, Mac-, Linux-, or Chrome-based computer (e.g., laptop, desktop).  Android- and iOS-based tablets (e.g., iPads) are probably not sufficient for this course.

You will also need a high-speed internet connection, webcam, and microphone to participate in synchronous activities.

Standard Alignment

This course is aligned to Idaho State Department of Education Online Teaching Endorsement standards. Each module and assignment in the course is aligned with specific standards, and alignment is explicitly stated on each page.

Setting Up Google

This course requires the use of Google accounts and several Google tools including Google+, Gmail, Hangouts, and Docs.  If you do not have a Google account, then you should create a free account.  Or, if you already have an account but would like to keep your work in this course separate, you may create a new account for this purpose.

Create a free Google Account

Once you have a Google account, I encourage you to join Google+ Open Educators of Idaho Community (this is not a course requirement):

Join the Google+ Open Educators of Idaho Community

Course Video Conferences / Hangouts

This course will use Google Hangouts for video conferencing. Typically, a Hangout will be held every week on Thursday. Updated schedules can be found on the course calendar.

To participate in the Hangouts, you will need a Google Account and should submit your account information to the instructor. You should also practice setting up a Hangout and making sure that your camera and microphone work properly.

Google Account Submission Form