Module 7. Motivation and Engagement

This module provides an introduction to issues of motivation and engagement in online learning.

This module addresses the following standards:

  • The online teacher has enthusiasm for online education and the potential to positively impact student learning. OTE.1.D.2
  • The online teacher understands concepts, assumptions, debates, processes of inquiry, and ways of knowing that are central to the field of online teaching and learning. OTE.1.K.3
  • The online teacher understands the relationship between online teaching and advancing technologies. OTE.1.K.5
  • The online teacher demonstrates knowledge of motivational theories and how they are applied to online learning environments. OTE.2.P.3

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Read the following article:

Yazzie-Mintz, E., & McCormick, K. (2012). Finding the humanity in the data: Understanding, measuring, and strengthening student engagement. In S.L. Christenson et al. (eds.), Handbook of Research on Student Engagement. Springer Science + Business Media.

Read the Article

As you do so, consider:

  • How do extrinsic and intrinsic motivators influence engagement?
  • How can online learning teachers support the three-component model of student engagement?


Human Motivation

Watch the following video, and consider:

  • What motivates people generally, and what does this mean for educators?
  • How can autonomy, mastery, and purpose be integrated into online teaching experiences?

Classroom Engagement

Watch the following video, and consider:

  • How can effective classroom strategies for improving engagement transfer to an online setting?
  • How do issues like technology overuse, structured experiences, and non-verbal communication play out in online learning experiences?

Online Engagement

Watch the following video, and consider:

  • What are the suggested strategies, and how do they align with previous readings on engagement?
  • Which of these strategies are used in this course? Why?
  • Which of these strategies are not used in this course? Why not?

Discussion and Reflection Questions

  • How can you lead online learning in a manner that engages your students?
  • What challenges do you see for utilizing online media in place of traditional face-to-face instruction?
  • Why do you think online learning is more appealing for self-motivated learners?
  • How can you overcome challenges and make online learning appealing for all learners?