Hangouts and Reflections

Most weeks in the course, we will have synchronous Hangouts to discuss course content. Students are expected to come to all Hangouts prepared (meaning that they should complete the weekly module before the Hangout begins).

Access the Hangout

Only registered course participants will be invited to participate in Hangouts. If you have not submitted your Google email address for inclusion in the Hangout, please submit this information using the provided form.

Discussion Leadership

Each week, the Hangout discussion will be led by a different student, and you will receive a grade based upon your performance as the lead. Guidelines for leading the discussion follow:

  • You will have exactly 60 minutes.
  • Your goal is to facilitate discussion. Come prepared with probing questions from the weekly material for the group to discuss.
    • Use the Discussion and Reflection Questions in each module to give you ideas of what you would like to discuss.
  • You should ask the group to do some form of activity. Examples might include (but are not limited to):
    • Collaborative note-taking on a Google Doc
    • Taking a survey
    • Trying out a website or tool
  • Many of the readings and videos in this course are strongly biased or are not based in solid research evidence. Treat all sources critically, and be ready to critique them on these points.

Write a Reflection

Create a reflection journal as a Google Doc, and share this with your instructor. In this journal, you will be expected to write a 200-300 word reflection following each Hangout session. This journal should be simple, but each reflection should start with a title for the Hangout date, with the most recent Hangout listed first.

These reflections are intended to be useful to you for completing course assignments (especially your Online Teaching Statement). So, in these reflections you will want to talk about key points from the module's materials and conversations and how they relate to your work as an online teacher.